Vanessa Trump, formerly married to Donald Trump Jr., underwent a rowdy journey marked by love, challenges, and ultimately, a high-profile divorce in 2018. From her early romance with a gang member to a controversial engagement, rumors of infidelity, and a frightening incident involving death threats, Vanessa Trump’s life has been far from ordinary.


Early Love and Gangster Romance

Vanessa’s first love was Valentin Rivera, whom she considered her soulmate from their elementary school days. Despite Rivera’s association with a street gang, Vanessa embraced the lifestyle, adopting gangster fashion and proudly being part of the unconventional relationship.

However, Rivera’s criminal activities led to imprisonment for assault, during which Vanessa expressed her love through heartfelt letters, later revealed by Page Six in 2018.

The Controversial Engagement

Vanessa’s engagement to Donald Trump Jr. was not without controversy. Despite receiving a $100,000 engagement ring, sources claimed that Donald Jr. struck a deal with the jeweler for free advertising.

This led to criticism from both the media and his own father, who called him the “cheapest gazillionaire” on Larry King Live.

Marriage Struggles

Rumors of a troubled marriage persisted even before the couple tied the knot. Sources suggested that Vanessa faced financial constraints and loneliness due to Donald Jr.’s frequent travels. Despite a devoted public facade, insiders alleged that the couple’s relationship problems were deeply rooted.

Infidelity and Threats

Donald Jr.’s alleged infidelity came to light when former model Melissa Stettin shared flirtatious texts from him in 2011. Vanessa, seemingly unaware, later discovered an affair with singer Aubrey O’Day in 2012.

The revelation, fueled by text messages found on Donald Jr.’s phone, led to confrontations and an end to the extramarital relationship.

In 2018, Vanessa experienced a harrowing incident when she opened a letter addressed to her husband containing white powder and a threatening message. Although authorities determined it to be a hoax, the incident left Vanessa shaken, highlighting the challenges of being part of the Trump family.

Divorce, Financial Disputes, & Post-Divorce Outlook

Vanessa filed for divorce in 2018, citing irreconcilable differences. Initially predicted to be uncontested, the divorce proceedings took a turn when Vanessa came into money from her late stepfather’s investment. The dispute over finances added complexity, but the divorce was finalized by the end of the year.

After her marriage, Vanessa, initially an aspiring actress and model, transitioned into motherhood and launched a designer handbag line. Though her business ventures were short-lived, insiders believe Vanessa has the potential for a successful post-divorce career, possibly as a mommy blogger or advocate.



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