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Hilton Head Island, located off the coast of South Carolina, has a rich and diverse history dating back thousands of years. The island was originally inhabited by indigenous tribes such as the Yemassee and Creek Indians, who lived off the land and waterways. In the 17th century, European explorers including Spanish and French settlers arrived on the island. By the 18th century, English colonists established plantations for cotton, rice, and indigo production, using enslaved Africans for labor. During the Civil War, Hilton Head Island was a key strategic location for the Union army, who used the island as a staging ground for their operations in the South. After the war, the island went through periods of economic decline and resurgence. In the 1950s, Hilton Head Island began to transform into a popular tourist destination, with the development of resorts, golf courses, and residential communities. Today, the island continues to attract visitors from around the world with its beautiful beaches, natural landscapes, and rich history.

1- the top 10 industries that are hiring locally:

  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Finance
  • Construction
  • Government
  • Transportation

2- the top 10 recreational activities the area is known for:

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Skiing
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Golfing
  • Wine tasting
  • Camping
  • Art galleries
  • Live music events

3- average low and high temperature for the month:

  • Low: 50°F
  • High: 80°F

4- average precipitation for the month:

  • 2 inches

5- elevation:

  • 4,000 feet above sea level

6- average home price:

  • $300,000

7- average household income:

  • $60,000

8- the top 10 tourist points of interest:

  • Historic downtown area
  • Natural parks and reserves
  • Local wineries
  • Museums and art galleries
  • Zoo and botanical gardens
  • Waterfront promenade
  • Adventure sports facilities
  • Architectural landmarks
  • Cultural festivals and events
  • Local cuisine and food tours

The top 10 restaurants:

The Ribaut Social Club – Anchorage 1770


At The Ribaut Social Club, you can enjoy contemporary American cuisine in an intimate and vibrant atmosphere in the heart of Old Town Beaufort. The restaurant offers well-crafted cocktails, gracious service, and tableside preparations, evoking the feeling of a classic dinner party. The restaurant is not suited to children under 13 years of age.

The Bluffton Room


The Bluffton Room serves inspired American cuisine prepared with the finest ingredients in an intimate and vibrant atmosphere in the heart of Old Town Bluffton. The restaurant offers well-crafted cocktails, gracious service, and tableside preparations, evoking the feeling of a classic dinner party. Please note that due to the size of the dining room and tableside service, the restaurant is not suited to children under 13 years of age.

Charlie’s Coastal Bistro (L’etoile Verte)

Hilton Head Island

Charlie’s Coastal Bistro focuses predominantly on fresh local seafood with a French, Lowcountry flare. The restaurant offers a quaint French country atmosphere and is known for good food, good wine, and unforgettable memories.

Michael Anthony’s Market Cafe

Hilton Head Island

Michael Anthony’s Market Cafe features casual, trattoria-style dining for lunch and dinner plus an Italian specialty shop. The restaurant showcases a menu of lighter fare including sandwiches, salads, pasta, pizza, and smaller portions of chefs’ acclaimed meat and seafood dishes.

Hilton Head Social Bakery

Hilton Head

Hilton Head Social Bakery, owned and operated by award-winning French chef Philippe Feret, serves Insta-ready pastries, decadent desserts, and buttery croissants galore. The bakery offers a taste of Paris with its French pastry delights.

The Sea Shack

Hilton Head

The Sea Shack is a no-frills, counter-serve restaurant known for its daily “Blackboard” specials and a variety of fresh seafood options, including grilled, fried, or blackened seafood that’s fresh from the sea.

Chez Georges

Hilton Head

Chez Georges offers tasty French bistro staples like escargots de bourgogne, perfectly cooked cassoulet, and two kinds of moules-frites. The restaurant also has an impeccable wine list and hosts aperitif hours and ticketed wine tastings.

Nectar Farm Kitchen

Hilton Head

Nectar Farm Kitchen offers a menu of lovingly prepared dishes with locally sourced ingredients, featuring Southern classics for breakfast and lunch, hearty supper plates and bowls, and lighter fare like salads and soups.


Hilton Head

Coast is a picture-perfect date night spot with incredible waterfront views and a spacious, twinkly-lit outdoor patio. The restaurant serves all manner of seafood, sandwiches, tacos, and more, with a great raw bar and frozen specialty cocktails.

Skull Creek Boathouse

Hilton Head

Skull Creek Boathouse is known for its scenic location on the banks of Skull Creek and its fun, relaxed ambiance. The restaurant offers multiple dining areas, an indoor sushi bar, an outdoor bar with Adirondack chairs, and killer sunset views.

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