Adopting a child is probably one of the most exciting experiences you can have. However, it can also be overwhelming because you must make all sorts of decisions and figure out which type of adoption will suit your needs best. One of the first decisions you need to make is how much you are prepared to spend for the adoption process because the adoption costs vary widely depending on the type of adoption you want to pursue.

Adoption Through a Private Adoption Agency

Fees of private adoption agencies vary significantly, depending on the adoption agency and specific circumstances of the adoption. In general, however, the fees may start at $30,000 and run up to $70,000 or more. The fees include payment for the home study, legal and court fees, adoptive parent training and preparation, pre and post-adoption counseling for the birth parents, and the legal and medical expenses of the birth mother.

Additionally, the adoptive parent may also pay fees for social work services, interim care, and postplacement supervision while waiting for the adoption to be finalized.

Independent Adoption

Independent adoptions involve a Georgia adoption lawyer guiding both the expectant parents and adoptive parents throughout the adoption process. The fees for an independent adoption are usually between $25,000 and $45,000 and include payment for the home study, the medical expenses of the birth mother, and separate court and legal fees for the lawyer.

Banks, Stubbs & McFarland offers an affordable alternative to the traditional independent adoption process. They partner with non-profit organizations and crisis pregnancy centers in the state and allow birth mothers to choose their child’s adoptive parents while receiving the support they need during their pregnancy and the adoption process.

With our affordable adoption alternative, an adoption costs only between $14,000 and $20,000. The cost varies based on factors such as specific counseling or support services for the birth mother, the birth mother’s reasonable expenses and legal fees, and whether the father agrees to the adoption or can be found.

Intercountry Adoption

The costs for intercountry adoptions vary widely from one country to another. The fees are usually higher than domestic adoptions since the process involves immigration processing and travel expenses on top of court and legal fees and preparation for adoptive parents, among others. An intercountry adoption can be very expensive, over $70,000, depending on the kind of organization that manages the adoption process, such as a non-profit, attorney, or a private or government agency.

Regardless of which type of adoption you ultimately choose to pursue, you will need a Georgia adoption attorney to guide you throughout the entire process. Your Georgia adoption attorney will ensure you understand your legal rights and responsibilities, complete and file on time all the legal paperwork, and represent you in court if necessary. Your attorney can likewise help you navigate the tedious home study process.

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