How Much RAM Do You Need For Your Computer?

  Modern computers are full of a variety of components. Some are more critical than others, but each works together cohesively to make your PC function when you need it. Certain components such as RAM can have a direct cause-and-effect relationship with your PC and its day-to-day performance. Replacing or increasing your computer's RAM is [...]

Only 16% Of Hospitals Comply With The Federal Hospital Price Transparency Law

Approximately 20 months after the Federal Hospital Price Transparency Law went into effect, around three-quarters of hospitals in Georgia continue hiding the costs of care from patients. The 2022 Semi-Annual Hospital Price Transparency Compliance Report by the Patients Rights Advocate found that only 16% of hospitals comply with Federal Hospital Price Transparency Law - the requirements for giving [...]

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How To Keep Your Dog’s Coat Healthy

  Your dog's coat has three different types of hair. But how do you keep it healthy? Dogs are beautiful creatures, and their coats are one of the most distinguishing features that draw owners to them. Your dog's coat's primary function is to protect them from heat, cold, and the sun and to keep dirt [...]

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How Do You Modify an Existing GA Custody Order?

Custody orders protect children and their parents when the parents no longer live together or are divorced. They are court orders that each parent must abide by. Failure to do so can lead to severe consequences, including losing visitation or custody rights. Although custody orders are typically permanent, Georgia family courts recognize that changes are sometimes [...]

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Building an E-commerce Business with a Service Business

If you own a service business, how can you build an e-commerce business? Many service businesses have in-house intellectual property or have the capability to provide complimentary products to their services. It’s a logical next step to sell products to clients who are already your customers. In fact, existing customers are easier to sell to. [...]

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Five Reasons to Up Your Video Content in 2022

  Here we are, halfway through 2022. The year is flying by, and with the changing of the seasons comes the changing of markets, big and small. The need to adapt is ever-present if your industry is like ours, Lantern House Video. Here are five reasons to up your video output in the back half of [...]

The New Normal: Getting Back to the Future in the Workplace

  I am certain many of you have either heard or even used the term “The New Normal” in reference to the current climate regarding work environments and our personal lives. This begs the question, can we really define what is normal? I mean, come on… this last two-plus years have been anything BUT normal! A [...]

How Does Moving Out Affect Divorce in Georgia?

  There are various reasons why a person dealing with divorce would want to move out of the marital home. These reasons can range from emotional issues to problems with abuse or violence and financial considerations. However, it's worth noting that leaving the family home before finalizing the divorce can complicate particular divorce matters. In this [...]

What You Need to Know About Stepparent Adoption in Georgia

  Stepparents often become essential parts of children's lives. In most cases, when families blend, stepparents may wish to adopt their stepchild to make their relationship legal and official. Besides giving your stepchild a deeper sense of belonging and serving as a statement of affection and love for your stepchild, adoption will likewise provide you [...]

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