Considering a Curved Monitor?

  Curved monitors are quickly becoming a popular choice for PC users, from professionals to gamers and everyone in between. Switching to a curved monitor can be a refreshing change of pace, especially when spending long hours at your computer. While some curved options can be more expensive than their straight counterparts, there are many variations [...]

The 5 Most Common IT Problems

  If you're in business, you need a computer. But having computers can raise other concerns. We've seen breaches, stolen personal identity information, and security concerns. Listed below are the 5 most common IT problems companies experience. The 5 Most Common IT Problems 1. Internal Security Measures for Employees  Employees are responsible for a whopping [...]

Are You Going Back Into The Office?

  When Covid broke, and office workers began to work remotely, most companies adapted in various ways, with hybrid or entirely at home only schedules. With eased restrictions, the question now is, "Are you working remotely or going back into the office?" The surprising part for most businesses was that they did not lose productivity, [...]

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