Do Not Overlook 3 Critical Steps When Renewing Your Lease

  People tend not to take renewals all that seriously. They see it as simple, thinking they can just call the landlord and get their new rate. That way of thinking can cost your firm a lot of money. If you're looking into renewing your lease, do not overlook 3 critical steps. 1) The number [...]

5 Reasons to Consider Flex Space for Your Business

  What is Flex Space? Flex space is a commercial real estate space with a warehouse, retail space, or build-to-spec office space. It can have shorter lease requirements than traditional office spaces and, in some cases, have all the furnishings you need. This article looks at 5 reasons to consider flex space for your business. Real Estate [...]

Are You Going Back Into The Office?

  When Covid broke, and office workers began to work remotely, most companies adapted in various ways, with hybrid or entirely at home only schedules. With eased restrictions, the question now is, "Are you working remotely or going back into the office?" The surprising part for most businesses was that they did not lose productivity, [...]

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