The Benefits Of Working With A Tenant Representation Firm

For businesses in Charlotte looking for office space, finding the right property can be daunting and overwhelming. Whether you're a startup looking for a small office or a large corporation searching for a new headquarters, there are numerous factors to consider when choosing an office space. However, with the help of a tenant representative from Colliers, [...]

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Recession Coming? Gain Market Share! – Part 2

  Last week we discussed why your industry may slow down next year even if it hasn't yet (Refer to last week's article - Recession Coming? Gain Market Share, Part - 1)! My business has NOT slowed down this year. My November '22 numbers were up in 4 of 5 categories over November of '21, and sales [...]

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It’s Time to Schedule Your Annual Mortgage Review

They say that in life, few things are certain, but one of those is change. Your circumstances will ebb and flow – maybe you've got a new job, dealt with a health issue, or added a new member to the family. For these reasons, it's great to pause once a year and schedule your annual [...]

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Recession Coming? Gain Market Share! – Part 1

It's time to plan for next year and set goals. As you think and plan through your next year and set your business goals, it is wise to look at the market for what it is, look and see what is most likely to happen, and plan accordingly. When you look out at next year, [...]

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Renovate Your Home With These Financing Options

As time passes, many homeowners start to imagine how their homes might look if one or two features change. Maybe it’s for aesthetic or practical reasons, or perhaps because they’re thinking of selling their property someday. Updating your home with significant renovations can substantially increase its market value, but there’s just one problem. Where will [...]

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Shandoka Cycles – Electric Motorcycle System Debut & Launch Party

  What is Shandoka? Shandoka is a Charlotte-built startup company building electric motorcycle retrofit systems for global users, including large bikes and mid-power customs in the USA, all the way to systems for African motorcycle taxi drivers. After stealth growth in the Charlotte startup and business community, they are launching their new cruiser electric motorcycle [...]

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Four Key Trends in Flexible Workspace

CHOICE-BASED WORK WILL BECOME THE NORM As remote work has become the new way of working over the last few months, conventional wisdom dictating where and how people work has been upended. The pandemic has raised new questions about how occupiers could think more progressively about the workplace's role in supporting the enterprise. These times [...]

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3 Common Causes of Car Lubrication Problems

  Car experts say that changing engine oil every 5,000 kilometers is outdated and that modern engine oil can last longer at around 10,000 to 24,000 kilometers. However, this doesn't hold true for all vehicles. Even if you don't drive your car very often, you must check the level and engine oil quality at least [...]

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