Recession Coming? Gain Market Share! – Part 2

  Last week we discussed why your industry may slow down next year even if it hasn't yet (Refer to last week's article - Recession Coming? Gain Market Share, Part - 1)! My business has NOT slowed down this year. My November '22 numbers were up in 4 of 5 categories over November of '21, and sales [...]

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Is There A Recession Coming? Gain Market Share! (Part 1)

It's time to plan for next year and set goals. As you think and plan through your next year and set your business goals, it is wise to look at the market for what it is, look and see what is most likely to happen, and plan accordingly. When you look out at next year, [...]

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We Can Get The Deal Done

  Banks are beginning to get a little nervous. I know this because our volume of new deal flow has doubled in the last week. Commercial Capital Limited is one of the largest commercial lending brokers in the Southeastern United States. Whenever I get super busy, the banks get a little nervous. But we are AGGRESSIVELY Lending. If [...]

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