The Beauty of Target Marketing to Make Your Business a Success

  Target marketing can be the key to attracting new business, increasing sales, and making your business successful. The beauty of target marketing is that aiming your marketing efforts at specific groups of consumers makes promoting your products and/or services easier and more cost-effective and provides a focus to all of your marketing activities. As a [...]

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Building an E-commerce Business with a Service Business

If you own a service business, how can you build an e-commerce business? Many service businesses have in-house intellectual property or have the capability to provide complimentary products to their services. It’s a logical next step to sell products to clients who are already your customers. In fact, existing customers are easier to sell to. [...]

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Increasing Your Website Traffic

  How big is your company’s electronic footprint? No, this is not electronic tracking of your online use. It’s the number of online references that point to your website. So why is this important? Google ranks websites with big footprints higher, and thus they get more visibility. More visibility means increasing your website traffic and [...]

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