What to Do in a Hit-and-Run Accident?

  State laws provide severe criminal penalties for people who flee the scene of a crash without calling or waiting for the local police. Some drivers attempt to evade responsibility after hitting another vehicle. But if you suffered serious injuries or property damage in a hit-and-run crash, your financial recovery options may be limited if [...]

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Can I Move Out of State with My Child During a Divorce?

Divorce is a stressful process, even more so when you are a parent to minor children. If you are thinking about getting divorced or are in the process of getting divorced, you might be dreaming of building a new life for yourself out of state. This desire to start over might lead you to ask, [...]

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Will an Uninsured Driver Automatically Be At Fault for a Crash?

  When a car crash occurs, will an uninsured driver automatically be at fault? While the vast majority of states, excluding Virginia and New Hampshire, require that all motor vehicle operators carry minimum limits of auto insurance coverage, an uninsured driver will not automatically be found at fault and liable for a car crash. Put simply, [...]

Visitation During The Holidays (Video Included)

  The holidays should be a time of happiness, joy, and celebration with family and friends. This season can also come with various issues about child custody and visitation during the holidays. Most parents want their children to be with them at all times, particularly on significant days during the holiday season. This desire usually [...]

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How Does Moving Out Affect Divorce in Georgia?

  There are various reasons why a person dealing with divorce would want to move out of the marital home. These reasons can range from emotional issues to problems with abuse or violence and financial considerations. However, it's worth noting that leaving the family home before finalizing the divorce can complicate particular divorce matters. In this [...]

What Injuries Can You Get From Being Rear-Ended?

  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2019, rear-end crashes resulted in 595,000 injuries and 2,346 deaths. You may ask, what injuries can you get from being rear-ended? Potential injuries from a rear-end accident can range from minor aches and pains to catastrophic injuries requiring a lifetime of medical care. Here are [...]

How Are Truck Accidents Different Than Car Accidents in Suwanee? (Video)

  Unfortunately, our legal team has seen firsthand how damaging truck accidents can be. We cannot understate the importance of driving with extra caution near semi-trucks, delivery trucks, dump trucks, buses, and the like. Trucks can often cause more damage and injuries, and the resulting claims can be highly complicated. Here we review why truck [...]

What Happens To My Child Support If I Remarry?

  A common question many people going through a divorce ask is, "What happens to my child support if I remarry?". Whether by the custodial parent or the parent paying child support, remarriage will not usually impact support payments. All children have the legal right to receive support from both parents. They are not, however, [...]

Can My Spouse Stop Paying the Mortgage During a Divorce?

  We all know divorce is one of life’s most consequential transitions. Many ask can my spouse stop paying the mortgage during a divorce? If this is the situation you find yourself in, you almost certainly have plenty of questions – not the least of which is how you will handle paying your mortgage if [...]

Are the Assets I Owned Prior to Marriage Protected During Divorce?

  In a divorce, the division of marital property is one of the most complicated components of an already complicated process. The State of Georgia – like many other states – is an equitable distribution state, which means that your marital property will be distributed in a manner deemed fair given the circumstances – rather than [...]

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