A storm came through, and you have a tree leaning in a dangerous position. You love a wooded backyard, but you notice a dead tree that could easily take out the back of your house. You love the shade but see your grass is dying. What should you do? Tree removal is a dangerous job and, if done wrong, could have serious consequences. That’s why before you accept any tree removal service onto your property, there are five important considerations when selecting a tree service.

1. Go with Experience

Experience is a vital requirement; the more experience they have, the faster and safer the job will get done. Does the tree service have experienced arborists on staff to look at your job site? With that said, though, talk to several of them and get a gut feel for how experienced they are. It could be a new company with an owner with years of experience. It’s worth the time.

2. Check for Qualifications

There are ways to remove trees safely, and you want to ask them how they will do the work. Do they have the right tools and techniques, and how invasive will they be on your lawn and property?

3. Are they insured?

It would be wise to ask this they are insured before inviting them to quote your job. A good tree removal company will have insurance, and you need to know who will cover any damages to your property, power lines if affected, or any damage to neighbors’ property if a tree falls in the wrong place. It happens, be prepared.

4. Check the Reviews

We’ve all done reviews on companies we use. Do your due diligence with the tree service company you select to quote your job. The reviews will tell you a lot about the company you’re considering. You don’t want surprises, especially with such a dangerous job.

5. What other services do they offer?

So, they drop the tree, then what? Will they remove it and grind the stump? Does the removal include the branches and debris from the property and the work site? Do you want any of the logs for the winter, or will they remove them all?

Tomahawk Tree Service has years of experience and arborists that come out to quote your job. They will evaluate the situation and offer sound advice with your quote. Then when the crew comes to do the work, you can have confidence that Tomahawk will take care of your job safely and efficiently. Please fill out our inquiry formbook an appointment or call us at  404-436-2640. Remember, we chop um cheap!


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