In Atlanta, we are into strong summer storms and hurricane season. Our trees here take a lot of abuse. How do you know the warning signs, and when should you call an expert like Tomahawk Tree Service to remove the danger before it hurts you, your home, or your property? We advise looking at the trees on your property. Sometimes visually, it’s easy, but other times it may be harder to spot. Here are 7 ways to save your home from tree danger. 

Seven ways you can tell you may have dangerous trees 

  1. Look for dead wood. This can come in the form of leafless branches or an abundance of old bark on the ground, leaving behind smooth, bark-free wood on the tree.
  2. Check for cracks that reach deep into the tree trunk.
  3. Soft wood or holes could indicate decay is present within the tree. This decay could compromise the tree’s structure, resulting in a fallen tree. Do you see insects in the holes?  
  4. Look for tree joints (where branches extend from the trunk, that is) that contain more than one branch. If a tree joint has more than one branch, this weakens the tree structure because each branch is unable to attach itself to the trunk securely.
  5. Examine the tops of trees, especially damaged trees, for broken limbs. Removing these limbs and properly pruning the tree canopy allows wind to move through the branches rather than hitting against them, creating a boat’s sail effect.
  6. Take a close look at the roots. Is it leaning, or does it rock slightly back and forth? If so, you may need to reinforce the soil around the tree to provide support. Talk with us for expert advice.
  7. Step back and carefully assess the shape of your trees. Is there excessive leaning? Do you see branches growing out of proportion with the rest of the tree? These signs could indicate weakness or structural imbalance within the tree. Do you hear any creaking? It could be tree branches rubbing together, but it could also damage the integrity of those branches over time.  

Atlanta has beautiful trees, and at Tomahawk, we have arborists on staff to come out and assess any trees that concern you. We also clear brush, grind stumps, trim unruly branches, and drop dangerous trees after storms. Call us to have our arborists evaluate your situation and get you scheduled for maintenance. Please fill out our inquiry formbook an appointment or call us at  404-436-2640