What is a logo? First impression. Reputation. Customer impact. The Silent voice of a company. Essentially the calling card of a business. It’s an opportunity to share what a company does with no words in 30 seconds. It’s an investment that travels with a company each and every day. Successful business owners understand that first impressions start with logo design

For Deana, a realtor, it needed to be unique, be her, be simple and clear, and represent her business. Colors were chosen by design black and red. Because a red door creates visual impact while symbolizing “welcome.” What I just shared is what I do for all my clients. I design a logo to be the star of any business, the foundation that carries the company appearing on everything they do. 

As a custom graphic designer, I position my clients with a uniqueness that will withstand time and make an impression while standing out to bring them success. I’m looking for business owners who need success by design. 

If you’re a business owner who needs to make a great first impression, contact me, Sarah-Anne Wildgoose, at 404-369-3530, online at Saw Design Studio, or Email Me. I make graphic images soar.