When talking with a client this week, it came to me. A common mistake business owners make is underselling their company, aka not establishing a marketing budget. For smaller companies, this budget is $500.00 to $800.00 a month or about $ 20.00 a day. It’s like paying a utility bill – an unpaid bill means they turn it off. Without a solid strategic marketing campaign, a company has no visibility, which equals no clients or sales. An integrated or multi-media marketing plan helps create a Return On Investment (ROI) and clients.

I’ve been helping small businesses with custom designs, a blend of digital and print, to reach clients repeatedly. My TICKET TO SUCCESS plans, Ignition, Acceleration, and Full Throttle fit within this monthly budget, costing $ 300.00 to $ 800.00 a month, with different levels of client engagement, creating that ROI. You’ve seen Sue, the sales rep, and John, the business owner, stressed and unfocused, clicking their pen and biting their nails. A three-way email introduction to me is the first step to getting their stress under control so they can focus on their tasks. 

If you’re a small business owner who needs a marketing plan to help create an ROI and clients., contact me, Sarah-Anne Wildgoose, at 404-369-3530, online at Saw Design Studio, or Email Me (sawdesignstudio@newtomedia.com).