If you file a personal injury claim, you probably won’t have to go to court, but every case is unique. Most people assume injury lawyers file a lawsuit when hired. This rarely happens because it is often unnecessary. Immediately hiring an experienced injury lawyer can significantly reduce the odds of having to go to court.

A skilled injury lawyer will send an effective time-limited demand for settlement to the insurance company before filing a lawsuit. These demand letters frequently result in successful settlement negotiations. We will gather the evidence and present a strong demand for settlement.

When competent counsel represents you, the insurance companies know that any low offers they make will be rejected, resulting in lawsuits against their client. Such is not the case if you try to handle your claim alone. In other words, settlement demands made by unrepresented injury victims are not taken seriously.

If we do have to litigate a case, we will have a proper foundation from which to work. All of the necessary letters will have been sent, evidence gathered, and a working attorney-client relationship established.

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