These days video has become more than just a marketing tool. Studies have shown that when a company uses video, it can increase revenue growth by up to 49% more than those that do not. A small business can leverage this powerful tool in multiple ways. Here are 6 ways video can help your business grow.

  1. Explaining your value proposition – So why tell people what you do when you can show them? When you combine audio and animation with your value proposition, your audience will understand what they need to know more quickly than traditional methods. Reading takes more effort and focused concentration than a video. Video can be a huge benefit to a small business. It helps explain what you do so customers understand your product or service, which can lead to sales. Posting a video to all your social media platforms gets it out there quickly. 
  2. Demonstrating a product – If your business offers products, showing how to use them would be easier on video than in print. It allows you to showcase how it works and its special features. It gives your customer everything they need to know to purchase it. Videos help engage visitors, answer their questions, strengthen their confidence in purchases, and improve conversion rates up to 74%! Now that’s compelling.  
  3. Social Media Marketing – Video helps you better experience emotions. A testimonial on video is a powerful thing. People inherently trust something they hear someone say over something they’ve read. A person can experience the emotional impact of working with you thru video. The subject appears authentic and engaging to a viewer, and your prospect gets to feel what it’s like to be your customer. They see and feel what it’s like to be in those shoes. When the customer is happy, their testimony thru video is way more powerful than reading it.  
  4. Customer service & support – One of the best ways to keep your customers engaged with your product is by offering customer service and support. Stories of how to use it, how to add to their product with enhancements, payment options, and dealing with potential confusion in using your product are great ways to keep your customers coming back.  
  5. Recruiting employees – Say what? Yes, employers are getting creative, especially in this tough recruiting environment. Using video to recruit employees lets employers zoom into the type of talent they need. Now with video, they can target their audience on social media like YouTube to capture their intended candidates.  
  6. Training employees – We’ve all seen the training videos on how to use a box cutter, how to use a trash compactor, and how to do whatever it is the company needs them to do. It offers a consistent way to train multiple employees over and over and eliminates text-heavy documents while saving a company on staffing. 

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