Companies are gobbling up warehouse space before it’s even built! Yes, you heard that. That means that whatever is being built is already taken. Atlanta areas are building over 3.3 million square feet of warehouse space now, but it’s not enough. What’s driving the demand for warehouse space in Atlanta, and what does it mean for your business? 

Big corporations like Amazon, data centers, and whatever products or services are being delivered drive demand for warehouse space. Other companies that we typically frequented are also jumping into the delivery game. Now we order groceries, home improvement products, clothes, shoes, pet supplies, and practically everything online. We’ve become comfortable with it and now almost prefer its convenience. That demand has seen a rise in the need to store items somewhere. Before you venture from where you are to where you want to be, take inventory of what to do first. Here are a few suggestions. 

1. Evaluate – Take a look at where you’re at now. Can it be made to fit your growing business needs? Can you add or take away or rearrange to make the space work? As a rule of thumb, your “A” products take up about 20% of your stock, but they account for 80% of your warehouse movements. Your “B” products take up 30% of your stock and about 15% of your warehouse movements, and your “C” products take up about 50% of your inventory but only 5% of the total warehouse movements. Seek a professional that can help make the layout of your situation work and flow the best it can. 

2. Plan – If, after evaluating, you decide that you need more warehouse space, make sure you’re planning far enough ahead to allow the time it takes. Supply is less than demand, meaning you’ll compete for quality spaces. Talk with us at 1st Global Realty for suggestions on a good timeline for the amount and style of space you need. 

3. Seek – Look for a professional that represents YOU. So, you’re driving past the building of your dreams and decide to call the name on the sign. STOP. Don’t do that. Instead, get a professional on your side. The name on the sign represents the property owner. They have limitations on what they will do, and their number one goal is to provide as much value to the property owner as possible by giving away the least perks to you. 

When you use 1st Global Realty, we ONLY represent you. We read all the documents, know what to look for, and take your best interests to the table. Then, when the terms of your lease are up for renewal, we are there to help negotiate the new terms and help you grow into your next space.

To learn more about what’s driving the incredible demand for warehouse space in Atlanta, contact us online or email us or call 404-301-3799 today!