As exciting as a new business is, there are a lot of important considerations when looking for a place for your business to call home. Most importantly, commercial leases can be complicated, with a range of contingencies and conditions that have financial and legal implications for you and the future of your business. Here’s what you need to know before leasing space for your small business.

Do you drive past a good location and call the name on the sign? Of course. It’s available and easy to see, so you capture a picture and call them. Leaser beware! Who is the agent on the sign representing? Do you have options for someone to represent you when looking at commercial space? Yes, you do, and it can save you thousands.  

Before you sign something you might regret, look at the differences. When you call the agent on the sign, they represent the owner of the building. They determine the terms. When you call 1st Global Realty, they represent YOU. That’s what you want. 

Here’s the difference and why you should consider calling 1st Global Realty before the name on the sign.  

  1. Personal Professional Representation at NO COST TO YOU. We will meet you there and protect your interests.   
  2. You receive instant access to every available listing within your requirements. Our software is up to date and specific to your needs.
  3. We understand how Landlords think. Our years of experience help us look for things that are not in your best interest or desires.
  4. We provide pre-visits of locations to save you valuable time. We match your criteria to your specific needs and the properties available. 
  5. Provide the most economical & operationally effective risk-free solutions. Our streamlined process is, so you’re not wasting time or money.     
  6. Expert real estate negotiator. We are laser-focused on negotiating for YOU and no one else.  
  7. Review and explanation of all lease documents and terms. There are many forms, and most business owners don’t read them. We do and look for any red flags or explanations you need to know about. 
  8. Win concessions that anticipate your current and future needs. Leases have terms and conditions. If you decide to stay beyond the lease end and want to renew, we can ensure the renewal is favorable and fair, not so crazy that you must move or pay beyond what’s reasonably expected.

1st Global Realty assists small businesses looking to lease or purchase office space. To learn more about what you need to know before leasing space for your small business, book an appointment online or email us or call 404-301-3799 today!