When Covid broke, and office workers began to work remotely, most companies adapted in various ways, with hybrid or entirely at home only schedules. With eased restrictions, the question now is, “Are you working remotely or going back into the office?”

The surprising part for most businesses was that they did not lose productivity, and in some cases, it was even better than before!

In spite of that, a recent survey by Microsoft of companies worldwide found that 50% of employers either already require their workforce to be in the office full-time or plan to do so in the next year. The apparent increase in the organization’s need to make in-person work mandatory comes despite the historically tight labor market, and worker sentiment remains firmly in favor of remote and/or hybrid work.    

In the same survey, they asked office workers whether they would go back to the office full-time, and the response was very interesting! 52% of employee responses said they are already considering switching to a remote or hybrid job.

Over half!

Meanwhile, the numbers show that Employee occupancy has reached 40.5% of pre-pandemic figures. That is a far cry from the eventual 100% most companies want.

Times they are a-changing. . .are you?

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