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Experience Matters When Hiring an Injury Lawyer in Hall County

Experience matters when hiring an injury lawyer. People get injured all the time in various accidents, including, but not limited to: Car crashes Truck accidents Pedestrian accidents Slip and fall accidents Boating accidents Bike accidents Motorcycle crashes Construction zone accidents 18-wheeler and commercial vehicle accidents Unfortunately, your injuries might not have been properly diagnosed or fully [...]

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The Benefits Of Working With A Tenant Representation Firm

For businesses in Charlotte looking for office space, finding the right property can be daunting and overwhelming. Whether you're a startup looking for a small office or a large corporation searching for a new headquarters, there are numerous factors to consider when choosing an office space. However, with the help of a tenant representative from Colliers, [...]

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4 Red Flags Your Books Aren’t Ready

As tax season approaches, many business owners will focus on ensuring their books are ready to hand over to their tax preparer. Here are 4 red flags your books aren't quite ready and what you can do to fix it this year and make next year easier.   4 Red Flags You Aren't Prepared 1. Every business transaction [...]

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What Injuries Can You Get From Being Rear-Ended?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2019, rear-end crashes resulted in 595,000 injuries and 2,346 deaths. You may ask, what injuries can you get from being rear-ended? Potential injuries from a rear-end accident can range from minor aches and pains to catastrophic injuries requiring a lifetime of medical care. Here are the [...]

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Office Space Trends in Charlotte, NC Q4 2022

The Charlotte, NC  Office Space Trends for Q4 2022 has just been released by Colliers International,  a leading diversified professional services and investment management company, that provides expert real estate and investment advice to clients. Below is a summary and key takeaways from research on Office Space Trends in Charlotte, NC. “After a surge in [...]

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Real Estate Roundup: New Loan Limits, Inflation Update, and more!

  I am Tammy Stowe, Sr. Mortgage Banker with Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group. There's no doubt the past year has been challenging, but as we look toward 2023, I wanted to end on several positive notes! Discover exciting updates on new loans, inflation, and medical debt relief in our real estate roundup. New 2023 Loan Limits [...]

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How Do You Know What Your Business Is Saying To You?

Every business has a story to tell. However, our businesses seem to speak a language we do not understand. The key to translating your company’s story is understanding its language. Warren Buffet said it best, “Accounting is the language of business.” What is accounting; what does it mean? Accounting is the process of recording and understanding [...]

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The Housing Market Outlook for 2023

  The 2022 housing market was challenging for everyone, unlike what we have become used to. Just a year before, many homebuyers enjoyed rates of 3% or even lower. Heading into 2023, rates are higher, and there is also a nationwide shortage of available homes, both existing and newly constructed. Meanwhile, renters pay more monthly, [...]

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